Creative well-being workshops in and around South Yorkshire

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All sessions are voluntary, trauma-informed, inclusive, and child-led.


A mixture of stories, music, sand play, drama, puppetry, arts and crafts, and games.

One-to-one sessions usually last between 45mins-1 hour and vary in time-scale, as they are dependent on the child, but I would recommend a minimum of ten sessions. Whilst they are child- and needs-led, they will usually cover most of the following:

  • Understanding, identifying, processing, and expressing feelings
  • Processing the past (where appropriate)
  • Self-regulation
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Creative and emotional literacy
  • Communication
  • Healthy relationships
  • Aspirations

I meet with staff (e.g. teacher/ inclusion worker/key worker) and (where appropriate) the parent or carer to discuss the child’s needs, and aim to keep that relationship going. However, what is said in the sessions is purely confidential – except, of course, when there are safeguarding concerns.


Group work

I can meet regularly with a small group of children who have been identified by staff, or with a whole class. Sessions will usually involve drama games, forum theatre techniques and other interactive activities, and cover:

  • As above: Exploring feelings, self-regulation, confidence, emotional literacy, communication, healthy relationships or aspirations
  • Conflict resolution and assertiveness
  • Curriculum areas, topics or specific issues (e.g. relationships, conflict, migration)

I would spend time talking to the relevant staff beforehand and sessions will always be bespoke. They usually last for one hour.

Bespoke staff consultation and training

I can offer bespoke training on any of/ a combination of the following:

  • The effects of trauma on the brain & creative approaches to improve well-being
  • Drama and/or storytelling techniques in the classroom
  • Creative approaches to teaching the curriculum 
  • Inquiry-based approaches to topic work


Child advocacy

I would request to meet with staff from time to time in order to advocate the needs of the child, always with their consent and preferably with them present.


I have up-to-date safeguarding training with the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board, I am fully DBS certified (November 2020), and I hold Public Liability insurance of £5m.


“Shuna (has a) unique talent to create an environment where people are able to build strong relationships… (and) find ways to share their stories.”

Helen Todd, Refugee Project Coordinator

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